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Two for one: Querying property graph databases using SPARQL via gremlinator

: Thakkar, H.; Punjani, D.; Lehmann, J.; Auer, S.


1st ACM SIGMOD Joint International Workshop on Graph Data Management Experiences and Systems and Network Data Analytics, GRADES-NDA 2018. Proceedings : Houston, Texas, June 10 - 10, 2018
New York: ACM, 2018
ISBN: 978-1-4503-5695-4
Joint International Workshop on Graph Data Management Experiences & Systems (GRADES) and Network Data Analytics (NDA) (GRADES-NDA) <1, 2018, Houston/Tex.>
Conference Paper
Fraunhofer IAIS ()

In the past decade Knowledge graphs have become very popular and frequently rely on the Resource Description Framework (RDF) or Property Graphs (PG) as their data models. However, the query languages for these two data models - SPARQL for RDF and the PG traversal language Gremlin - are lacking basic interoperability. In this demonstration paper, we present Gremlinator, the first translator from SPARQL - the W3C standardized language for RDF - to Gremlin - a popular property graph traversal language. Gremlinator translates SPARQL queries to Gremlin path traversals for executing graph pattern matching queries over graph databases. This allows a user, who is well versed in SPARQL, to access and query a wide variety of Graph databases avoiding the steep learning curve for adapting to a new Graph Query Language (GQL). Gremlin is a graph computing system-agnostic traversal language (covering both OLTP graph databases and OLAP graph processors), making it a desirable choice for supporting interoperability for querying Graph databases. Gremlinator is planned to be released as an Apache TinkerPop plugin in the upcoming releases.