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Observer design and optimization for model-based condition monitoring of the wind turbine rotor blades using genetic algorithm

: Meng, Fanzhong; Meyer, Tobias; Thomas, Philipp; Wenske, Jan

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The Science of Making Torque from Wind, TORQUE 2018 : 20-22 June 2018, Milan, Italy
Bristol: IOP Publishing, 2018 (Journal of physics. Conference series 1037)
Art. 032027, 11 pp.
International Conference "The Science of Making Torque from Wind" (TORQUE) <2018, Milan>
Conference Paper, Electronic Publication
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In this paper a model based approach for condition monitoring and diagnosis of faults in the wind turbine rotor blades is described. The investigation is focused on creating a fault-free reference system, the design and optimization of the controller/observer based on the Disturbance Accommodating Control theory and the multi-objective genetic optimization algorithm in order to further enhance the condition monitoring and faults diagnosis. Test cases are presented by injecting a parameter change, e.g. pitch angle, as an error to the non-linear wind turbine simulation model in order to demonstrate that the proposed method is able to detect the fault on the blades.