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Clothing piece e.g. cap, has device for producing and releasing electrical connections, and electrical line for connecting electrical energy storage, heating unit and device, where device enables inductive transmission of electrical energy
: Ryssel, H.; Maerz, M.

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DE 2005-102005007598 A: 20050218
DE 2005-102005007598 A: 20050218
EP 2005-27605 A: 20051216
DE 102005007598 A1: 20060824
EP 1693863 A1: 20060823
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Die Erfindung betrifft ein Bekleidungsstueck (1, 8) mit mindestens einer Vorrichtung zum Herstellen und Loesen elektrischer Verbindungen (3, 4, 9), in welches ein elektrischer Energiespeicher (2) integrierbar ist und/oder welches mindestens ein elektrisch beheizbares Element enthaelt, sowie mit elektrischen Leitungen (5) zur Verbindung des elektrischen Energiespeichers, der elektrisch beheizbaren Elemente und der Vorrichtung zum Herstellen und Loesen elektrischer Verbindungen, bei welchem mindestens eine Vorrichtung zum Herstellen und Loesen elektrischer Verbindungen eine induktive Uebertragung elektrischer Energie ermoeglicht.


EP 1693863 A1 UPAB: 20070123 NOVELTY - The piece (1) has a device for producing and releasing electrical connections in which electrical energy storage (2) is integrated, where the storage contains an electrical heating unit. An electrical line (5) connects the storage, heating unit and device. The device enables an inductive transmission of electrical energy. The storage comprises a lithium polymer accumulator, and is arranged at an inner side of the clothing piece. USE - Clothing piece e.g. jacket, coat, anorak, trouser, glove, shoe and cap. ADVANTAGE - The device that produces and releases electrical connections enables inductive transmission of the electrical energy, thus enabling individual heating of the clothing pieces with comfortable loading technique for the integrated energy storage without the influence of humidity and contaminations. The clothing piece can be handled in a simple and easy manner. The clothing can be reliably operated and economically produced.