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Vorrichtung und Verfahren zum Speichern von Audiodateien

Audio-data files storage device especially for driving a wave-field synthesis rendering device, uses control device for controlling audio data files written on storage device
: Reichelt, K.; Gatzsche, G.; Brix, S.

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DE 102005008342 A: 20050223
DE 2005-102005008342 A: 20050223
WO 2006-EP1416 A: 20060216
DE 102005008342 A1: 20060824
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Audiodateien fuer ein Audiostueck werden Szenen-uebergreifend optimiert abgespeichert, sodass beim Auslesen von Audiodateien fuer eine Szene, die eine hohe Auslastungg eines Wellenfeldsynthese-Systems mit sich bringt, sehr kleine Speicherzugriffszeiten erreicht werden, waehrend fuer Szenen, die eine nicht so hohe Auslastung des Wellenfeldsynthese-Systems mit sich bringen, dafuer groessere Speicherzugriffszeiten in Kauf genommen werden.


DE 102005008342 A1 UPAB: 20061005 NOVELTY - A device for controlling audio data storage for an audio-piece in a storage device (1) and in which a scene description is carried out for each scene, A device (4) is provided for examining the scene description and for ascertaining a first scene which demands a higher processing capacity of the wave-field synthesis system (3) than a second scene. A control device (5) controls the write device (2) so that audio data files are identified by the scene description of the first scene and are written on the storage device (1). DETAILED DESCRIPTION - INDPENDENT CLAIMS are included for; (1) (A) A method for storage of audio data files in a storage device and (2) (B) A computer program product with program code USE - For wave-field synthesis concept and especially in connection with a multi-rendering system. ADVANTAGE - Facilitates storage of audio data of higher quality and provides easily implemented wave-field synthesis.