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Vliesstoffe, Verfahren zu deren Herstellung sowie deren Verwendung

Non-woven fabric manufacturing method for use as e.g. bed cloth, involves pressing dope at increased temperature by nozzle block, where solution of cellulose carbamate in n-methyl-morpholine-n-oxide is used as dope
: Ebeling, H.; Fink, H.; Doss, M.

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DE 102005029793 A: 20050627
DE 2005-102005029793 A: 20050627
WO 2006-EP6204 A: 20060627
DE 102005029793 A1: 20061228
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Die Erfindung betrifft ein Verfahren zur Herstellung von Vliesstoffen, bei dem eine Loesung von Cellulosecarbamat in N-Methylmorpholin-N-Oxid durch die Loecher eines Duesenbalkens gedrueckt wird und durch einen Luftstrom um ein Vielfaches verstreckt wird. Der gebildete Faservorhang wird auf einem perforierten Transportband abgelegt, gewaschen und getrocknet. Ebenso betrifft die Erfindung derartige Vliesstoffe sowie deren Verwendung.


DE 102005029793 A1 UPAB: 20070123 NOVELTY - The method involves pressing a dope at increased temperature by a nozzle block, where fabrics leaving the block are inflow with temperature airflow having specified temperature. Filaments are coagulated by spraying water and fabrics are deposited on a transport device. Solvent is removed by washing, where a solution of cellulose carbamate in n-methyl-morpholine-n-oxide is used as the dope. DETAILED DESCRIPTION - An INDEPENDENT CLAIM is also included for a non-woven fabric. USE - Used for manufacturing a non-woven fabric that is utilized as an operation masking cloth, bed cloth, sore cover, gauze and cotton wool pad in medicine, hygienic fabric and wiping cloth in household, decoration non-woven fabric e.g. table cloth, napkin and curtains, inserting fabric in a clothing industry and reinforcement material (all claimed) and as isolation mat and cover mat. ADVANTAGE - The method enables to manufacture the non-woven fabric with good product property and with less investment and production cost and environment pollution.