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Berechnung der Grenzdrehzahl von Schleifstiften

Calculation of the maximum speed limits of mounted points
: Schmidt, G.

Forschungsgemeinschaft Schleiftechnik -FGS-, Bonn:
Jahrestagung Forschungsgemeinschaft Schleiftechnik 2006. CD-ROM : 23. März 2006, Würzburg
Würzburg, 2006
Forschungsgemeinschaft Schleiftechnik (Jahrestagung) <2006, Würzburg>
Conference Paper
Fraunhofer IWU ()
Schleifstift; zulässige Grenzdrehzahl; Unwucht; Finite Elemente Methode; mounted point; speed limit; imbalance; finite element analysis

Up to now the calculation of the speed limit of mounted points is carried out on the basis of EN 13236 using a simple analytical method. The results are correct for mounted points with shanks of a constant diameter. However results for shouldered shanks reveal considerable derivations compared to finite element analyses (FEA) or measured results. As a consequence the real speed limit is not clear and the mounted points cannot be used up to their objective limit of performance. FEA software and test devices for a reliable estimation of the failure speed limit are not available to all manufacturers and users of mounted points.
Therefore a quick and easy to use computer program on the basis of an improved analytical model has been developed. The program uses results of FEA as well as experimental results to balance the model in order to get more realistic data of critical speed limits. Furthermore notch effects and the surface quality are included. In the paper results for different shank geometries are discussed.