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Identifikation des Materialverhaltens von Blechwerkstoffen des Automobilbaus mittels neuartiger Prüfverfahren und Auswertestrategien

: Neugebauer, Reimund; Heidl, W.; Michael, D.

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Borsutzki, M.:
Fortschritte der Kennwertermittlung für Forschung und Praxis. Tagung Werkstoffprüfung 2006 : 07. und 08. Dezember 2006, Bad Neuenahr
Düsseldorf: Verlag Stahleisen, 2006
ISBN: 3-514-00734-9
Tagung Werkstoffprüfung <2006, Bad Neuenahr>
Conference Paper, Electronic Publication
Fraunhofer IWU ()
Blechprüfung; Prüfverfahren; konventioneller Zugversuch; Maxi-Bulge-Test; Zug-Druck-Versuch für Blechwerkstoff; Identifikation von Materialparametern; sheet testing; test method; conventional tensile test; maxi-bulge-test; tensile-compression-test for sheet metal; identification of material parameters

New test methods, how the maxi-bulge-test and the tensile-compression-test for sheet materials, provides more detailed, ultrahigh data and values for material behavior at yield beginning, above the uniform elongation and depending on the anisotropy of the materials.The concrete form of the beginn of the yield locus curve and their development at the deformation processes has a marked influence on the quality on the results of the metal forming. Therefore are also essential biaxial tension tests. The determination of the material parameters in an inverse problem, which can approximate by a non-linear optimization problem. This allowed the best possible conformation of measured and calculated local and global mechanical values. That will establish the basis for a better, precise and cheaper process design and engineering of methods.