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Enhancing real-time engineering based simulations with the general purpose of graphics hardware

: Binotto, A.; Pereira, C.E.; Santos, P.; Gierlinger, T.

Fischer, X.; Coutellier, D. ; Ecole Supérieure des Technologies Industrielles Avancées -ESTIA-:
Research in Interactive Design. Proceedings. Vol.2. : Proceedings of Virtual Concept 2006
Paris: Springer, 2006
ISBN: 2-287-48363-2
ISBN: 978-2-287-48363-9
3 pp.
Virtual Concept Conference <2006, Cancùn>
Conference Paper
Fraunhofer IGD ()
realtime 3D graphics; Realtime Rendering; computer graphic

Real-time scientific simulations usually require high performance platforms to deal with the massive numerical calculations. The enhancement of these simulations in personal consumer applications, made the chip industry to develop low-cost powerful specific hardware. Graphics (GPU) and physics (PPU) hardware and the multitask evolution of CPUs are the main elements that provide the real-time on that kind of applications. Consequently, engineering based applications can also take advantages of these processors to perform their simulations on PCs instead of PC clusters or supercomputers. This work presents an introduction of a PhD research that emphasize on these new hardware features and how they can work together in favor of achieving the real-time simulation and visualization for engineering based applications. These applications can successfully be benefited from the general purpose using graphics hardware, from the new CPUs streaming architecture, from the new physics hardware, and mainly from load-balancing of instructions among these hardware.