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Lebensmittelverpackungen für die "Generation 50plus"
: Mentzel, C.
: Oertel, K.

Potsdam, 2006, 138 pp.
Potsdam, Univ., Dipl.-Arb., 2006
Fraunhofer IGD ()
ergonomic; product design; user interface evaluation

The present paper deals with the development of user-friendly food packagings for aging consumers. The packaging of Dr. Quendt's "Edles Dresdner Marzipan-Konfekt" ("Finest Dresden Marzipan Chocolates") served as a sample in this process.
The needs of the target group were described based on the results of a survey by BAGSO in 2003 and a marketing study by facit Marketing Agency on behalf of Pro Carton. For the survey 354 candidates from Germany at the age of 50 and up participated. 163 senior citizens aged 60 and up from Germany, Great Britian, Italy, Spain, France, Belgium and the Netherlands were interviewed for the marketing study. From these results requirements in terms of image / style, handling, information, protection, environment/ recycling and convenience were derived.
The packaging of "Finest Dresden Marzipan Chocolates" was evaluated with usability testing and interviewing 16 test candidates. Especially in the fields of image/ style, handling, information and convenience deficits in user-friendly design arised.
For accomplishing a real target group oriented design aging consumers were regarded from different perspectives. Biological, psychological, economical and social aspects of the aging process were analyzed. It was found out that the target group is very heterogeneous. This becomes also apperent by regarding the lifestyles of social milieus. In the range of the created design solutions for the development of user-friendly packagings for aging consumers this complexity is reflected. Packagings were created that show possibilities of designing user-friendly packagings.