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Cavity-enhanced raman spectroscopy for food chain management

: Sandfort, Vincenz; Goldschmidt, Jens; Wöllenstein, Jürgen; Palzer, Stefan

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Sensors. Online journal 18 (2018), No.3, Art. 709, 16 pp.
ISSN: 1424-8220
ISSN: 1424-8239
ISSN: 1424-3210
Journal Article, Electronic Publication
Fraunhofer IPM ()
raman spectroscopy; cavity; optical rensonator; food chain management; ethene

Comprehensive food chain management requires the monitoring of many parameters including temperature, humidity, and multiple gases. The latter is highly challenging because no low-cost technology for the simultaneous chemical analysis of multiple gaseous components currently exists. This contribution proposes the use of cavity enhanced Raman spectroscopy to enable online monitoring of all relevant components using a single laser source. A laboratory scale setup is presented and characterized in detail. Power enhancement of the pump light is achieved in an optical resonator with a Finesse exceeding 2500. A simulation for the light scattering behavior shows the influence of polarization on the spatial distribution of the Raman scattered light. The setup is also used to measure three relevant showcase gases to demonstrate the feasibility of the approach, including carbon dioxide, oxygen and ethene.