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Functional mock-up interface paving the way for digital twins

Presentation held at FDL 2018 - Panel on FMI, 11. September 2018; Forum on Specification & Design Languages, Munich, Germany, September 10 - 12, 2018
: Schneider, Peter

2018, 8 Folien
Forum on Specification & Design Languages (FDL) <2018, Munich>
Fraunhofer IIS, Institutsteil Entwurfsautomatisierung (EAS) ()
Anfrage beim Institut / Available on request from the institute

The Functional Mockup Interface (FMI) has evolved to an important standard in multidisciplinary simulation. More than 100 simulation tools support either the export and exchange of simulation models or the coupling of different simulation algorithms (co-simulation). Research at Fraunhofer IIS/EAS was focused on the development of a master simulator for co-simulation. It supports iteration loops during co-Simulation as well as step size control. Increased utilization of modeling and simulation in system design towards a virtual representation of technical systems (so-called Digital Twin) is strongly influenced by the following trends: • Higher complexity of systems • Increasing heterogeneity • Variability in system characteristics and environmental conditions • Demand for Hardware / Software co-development Beyond the previous applications of FMU, there are significant potentials for cross-domain simulation also in the development of algorithms in automation technology or in the design of complex sensor systems. Control of building energy systems or algorithms for sensor data fusion in autonomous driving are important applications. In order to cope with these demanding design tasks, further research is needed e.g. for system partitioning, for automated modeling and for increasing the performance and robustness of algorithms.