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Development of multidimensional characteristic maps for the real-time adjustment of thermally induced TCP-displacements in precise machining

Entwicklung von mehrdimensionalen Kennfeldern zur Echtzeit-Korrektur thermisch induzierter TCP-Verlagerung bei der Präzisionsbearbeitung
: Putz, Matthias; Oppermann, Christian; Bräunig, Michael

TU Dresden, Institut für Maschinenelemente und Maschinenkonstruktion:
Conference on Thermal Issues in Machine Tools 2018. Proceedings : 21.-23. März 2018, Dresden
Zwickau: Verlag Wissenschaftliche Scripten, 2018
ISBN: 978-3-95735-085-5
Conference on Thermal Issues in Machine Tools <2018, Dresden>
Conference Paper
Fraunhofer IWU ()
FEA; Model verification; TCP-displacement; thermal error; Characteristic diagram; Heat source; Temperature measurement; Thermal displacements; machine tools

In the present paper the development of characteristic diagrams of cutting processes which relate the Tool Center Point (TCP) displacement to thermal tool load is explained. The heat fluxes in the system workpiece –chip –tool are estimated by means of FEA (finite element analysis) in order to achieve multidimensional dependencies as function of the cutting parameters. The approach allows the real-time correction of tool paths within the machine tool control crucial in precise machining operations. Model verification and result comparison with cutting experiments have been realized.