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Legacy data sharing to improve drug safety assessment

The eTOX project
: Sanz, F.; Pognan, F.; Steger-Hartmann, T.; Díaz, C.; Cases, M.; Pastor, M.; Marc, P.; Wichard, J.; Briggs, K.; Watson, D.K.; Kleinöder, T.; Yang, C.; Amberg, A.; Beaumont, M.; Brookes, A.J.; Brunak, S.; Cronin, M.T.D.; Ecker, G.F.; Escher, S.; Greene, N.; Guzmán, A.; Hersey, A.; Jacques, P.; Lammens, L.; Mestres, J.; Muster, W.; Northeved, H.; Pinches, M.; Saiz, J.; Sajot, N.; Valencia, A.; Lei,, J. van der; Vermeulen, N.P.E.; Vock, E.; Wolber, G.; Zamora, I.


Nature reviews. Drug discovery 16 (2017), pp.811-812
ISSN: 1474-1776
ISSN: 1474-1784
Journal Article
Fraunhofer ITEM ()

The sharing of legacy preclinical safety data among pharmaceutical companies and its integration with other information sources offers unprecedented opportunities to improve the early assessment of drug safety. Here, we discuss the experience of the eTOX project, which was established through the Innovative Medicines Initiative to explore this possibility.