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Roadmap NanoManufacturing

March until July 2006. EU-projects CA IPMMAN and CA MicroSapient
: Schäfer, W.; Burgard, M.
: Bouyer, E.
: Working Group NanoManufacturing

Stuttgart, 2006, 72 pp.
Fraunhofer IPA ()
nanomanufacturing; Fertigung

The Roadmap "NanoManufacturing" shows the development of the production technology for NanoMaterials and NanoSurfaces during next years. It expresses, that some technologies are already successfully used for manufacturing and processing nanomaterials, e.g. solid state methods like milling or vapour methods like PVD. On the other hand there are a lot of technologies known in the field of applied research, which are forecasted to be ready for industrial application in five to six years. The most important technologies are the Sol-Gel-Method, advanced PVD methods, Plasma Synthesis, Sintering and Laser based methods. Processes at the stage of basic research with a very high potential are the self assembly and the in-situ synthesis.
The aspects of automation, quality, reliability and cost effectiveness will be very important in the next years. For the production and functionalisation of nanophased particles and their integration into bulk materials the main focus will be on economical aspects and a higher degree of automation. For nanostructuring and coating as well as for the surface functionalisation and nanolayering, the aspects concerning quality, measurement equipment and cleaning methods will be highly important.
The markets requiring nanomanufacturing are emerging or are already partly in existence. In particular the markets for electronics, energy, aeronautics and space, automotive and life science/medicine will rely on the developments of nanomanufacturing in the next years.