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RDF data storage and query processing schemes

A survey
: Wylot, Marcin; Hauswirth, Manfred; Cudré-Mauroux, Philippe; Sakr, Sharif


ACM Computing Surveys 51 (2018), No.4, Art. 84
ISSN: 0360-0300
Journal Article
Fraunhofer FOKUS ()

The Resource Description Framework (RDF) represents a main ingredient and data representation format for Linked Data and the Semantic Web. It supports a generic graph-based data model and data representation format for describing things, including their relationships with other things. As the size of RDF datasets is growing fast, RDF data management systems must be able to cope with growing amounts of data. Even though physically handling RDF data using a relational table is possible, querying a giant triple table becomes very expensive because of the multiple nested joins required for answering graph queries. In addition, the heterogeneity of RDF Data poses entirely new challenges to database systems. This article provides a comprehensive study of the state of the art in handling and querying RDF data. In particular, we focus on data storage techniques, indexing strategies, and query execution mechanisms. Moreover, we provide a classification of existing systems and approaches. We also provide an overview of the various benchmarking efforts in this context and discuss some of the open problems in this domain.