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Controlling variety-induced complexity in mass customisation: A key metrics-based approach

: Blecker, Thorsten; Abdelkafi, Nizar; Kaluza, Bernd; Friedrich, Gerhard


International journal of mass customisation : IJMASSC 1 (2006), No.2/3, pp.272-298
ISSN: 1742-4208
Journal Article
Fraunhofer MOEZ ( IMW) ()

Due to the multitude of customer needs, mass customisation induces extensive product variety, which is associated with high complexity in operations and manufacturing-related tasks. Variety-induced complexity is one of the most important problems that can lead mass customisation to failure. Due to several drawbacks of existing methods in coping with complexity, we propose a key metrics-based approach. After determining the main subprocesses that are necessary to make mass customisation work efficiently, we assign to each subprocess the key metrics that can capture the variety-induced complexity. However, single key metrics have a limited informational value. Therefore, we integrate them into a comprehensive system that illustrates the correlations existing between the identified measures. The elaborated system enables one to detect the levers that should be considered in order to keep variety-induced complexity under control.