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Digitalization in electrode manufacturing. Towards more efficiency in joined research and small lot size production

Presentation held at NanoCarbon Annual Conference, February 27th and 28th, 2018, Würzburg
: Boonen, Laura; Kitzler, Peter; Glanz, Carsten; Kolaric, Ivica

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Created on: 28.8.2018

2018, 24 Folien
NanoCarbon Annual Conference <4, 2018, Würzburg>
Presentation, Electronic Publication
Fraunhofer IPA ()
Batterieproduktion; Prozeßdatenerfassung; Digitalisierung; Beschichtungsprozess

Within the project “DigiBattPro” researchers at Fraunhofer IPA are investigating the potential of a continuous data tracking system exemplarily within the battery manufacturing process. Therefore experimental process stations are equipped with additional sensors to register process and quality data along the production chain. One of the researched processes is the electrode manufacturing on a roll-to-roll coating pilot line that is installed at the Fraunhofer IPA. The pilot line includes a slot die coating unit and a combined dryer and its construction is based on standard components. The continuous data acquisition and management throughout the coating process as well as for the upstream processes raw material and mixing is operated via an experiment management system.
The holistic digitalized approach that is focused within the project “DigiBattPro” is supposed to support collaborative research and development with different partners on different places for example via peer to peer research. Based on this new R&D approaches for cost efficient, decentralized, connected funding projects for material and process development can be started.
Furthermore the standardized acquisition of data connected to many different materials can reduce the development costs as well as the set-up time for new materials in industrial production.