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Summary of the blind test campaign to predict the high reynolds number performance of DU00-W-210 airfoil

: Yilmaz, Ö.C.; Pires, O.; Munduate, X.; Sörensen, N.; Reichstein, T.; Schaffarczyk, A.P.; Diakasis, K.; Papadakis, G.; Daniele, Elia; Schwarz, M.; Lutz, T.; Prieto, R.


American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics -AIAA-, Washington/D.C.:
35th Wind Energy Symposium 2017 : Grapevine, Texas, USA, 9-13 January 2017; Held at the AIAA SciTech Forum 2017
Red Hook, NY: Curran, 2017
ISBN: 978-1-5108-4388-2
ISBN: 978-1-62410-456-5
Wind Energy Symposium (WES) <35, 2017, Grapevine/Tex.>
Science and Technology Forum and Exposition (SciTech Forum) <2017, Grapevine/Tex.>
European Commission EC
AdVanced Aerodynamic Tools for lArge Rotors
Conference Paper
Fraunhofer IWES ()

This paper summarizes the results of a blind test campaign organized in the AVATAR project to predict the high Reynolds number performance of a wind turbine airfoil for wind turbine applications. The DU00-W-210 airfoil was tested in the DNW-HDG pressurized wind tunnel in order to investigate the flow at high Reynolds number range from 3 to 15 million which is the operating condition of the future large 10MW+ offshore wind turbine rotors. The results of the experiment was used in a blind test campaign to test the prediction capability of the CFD tools used in the wind turbine rotor simulations. As a result of the blind test campaign it was found that although the codes are in general capable of predicting increased max lift and decreased minimum drag with Re number, the Re trend predictions in particular the glide ratio (lift over drag) need further improvement. In addition to that, the significant effect of the inflow turbulence on glide ratio especially at high Re numb ers is found as the most important parameter where the prediction as well as the selection of the correct inflow turbulence levels is the key for correct airfoil designs for the future generation 10MW+ wind turbine blades.