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Fraunhofer IESE best practice portal. Scenarios & schemes

: Jedlitschka, A.; Rech, J.

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Kaiserslautern, 2005, VIII, 32 pp.
IESE-Report, 095.05/E
Reportnr.: 095.05/E
Report, Electronic Publication
Fraunhofer IESE ()
decision support; technology selection; repository; scenario; evidence-based software engineering; Schema

In today's software development organizations, methods and tools are employed that frequently lack sufficient evidence regarding their suitability, limits, qualities, costs, and associated risks. In Communications of the ACM, Robert L. Glass, taking the standpoint of practitioners, asks for help from research:
"Here's a message from software practitioners to software researchers: We (practitioners) need your help. We need some better advice on how and when to use methodologies." Therefore, he demands:
- a taxonomy of available methodologies, based upon their strengths and weaknesses;
- a taxonomy of the spectrum of problem domains, in terms of what practitioners need;
- a mapping of the first taxonomy to the second (or the second to the first).
The evidence-based software engineering (EBSE) paradigm [KDJ04] promises to solve parts of these issues by providing a framework for goal-oriented research, leading to a common body of knowledge (BoK) and, based on that, comprehensive problem-oriented decision support regarding SE technology selection.
The amount of methods, techniques, and tools in software engineering is increasingly rising. In order to keep track of the progress of these technologies and methodologies software engineering managers need an easy and fast access to evidence about them. In this report we present ongoing research towards a semantic-based evidence portal for software organizations that help these managers to continuously gather and aggregate evidence about SE technology and methodology.
We argue that, as of today, repositories containing relevant information about evidence in SE must satisfy specific information needs of software managers in the task of technology selection. With regard to the information need of software managers we developed a database scheme that allows for answering the questions represented by the stated information need.