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Direct measurement of the electrocaloric temperature change in multilayer ceramic components by resistance-welded thermocouple wires

: Greiner, Anna; Molin, Christian; Neubert, Holger; Gebhardt, Sylvia; Neumeister, Peter


Energy technology 6 (2018), No.8, pp.1535-1542
ISSN: 2194-4288
ISSN: 2194-4296
Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft DFG
SPP 1599; GE 2078/3-2; Ferroic Cooling
Entwicklung keramischer Perowskitwerkstoffe und Bauelementstrukturen für elektrokalorische Anwendungen
Journal Article
Fraunhofer IKTS ()
adiabatic electrocaloric temperature change; direct measurement; electrocaloric effect; multilayer ceramic; welded thermocouple

The present contribution reports on a method for direct measurement of the adiabatic temperature change inside the active region of multilayer ceramic (MLC) components without detailed knowledge on geometry and properties of inactive regions in the MLC. Thin thermocouple wires serve as temperature sensor with sufficiently small response time with regard to the relaxation time into the inactive regions. They are mounted on top of the MLC by resistance welding. The accuracy of the method is estimated by means of finite element analyses of the measuring set-up. Experiments are used for validating the numerical analyses as well as the proposed measuring method. In its current implementation the method reaches an accuracy of almost 90%, which can be improved to approximately 97%. Therefore, neither fitting nor correction is required.