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New systems for testing wheels and wheel sets

: Rockstroh, B.; Kappes, W.; Walte, F.

Railway technical review (2006), No.3, pp.42-45
ISSN: 0079-9548
Journal Article
Fraunhofer IZFP ()
underfloor testing system (UFPE); automated ultrasonic rail wheel inspection (AURA); ultrasonic wheel inspection (RWI)

The underfloor testing system UFPE is used to inspect mounted ICE-wheels on a stationary train all 240.000km. After approximately 500.000 km of usage, wheel sets of the InterCityExpress (ICE) are inspected after dismounting and refurbishment by the automatic ultrasonic inspection system AURA. Single wheels are inspected during the proscess of production by the automated ultrasonic rail wheel inspection system RWI.