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Micro-optics for LED light sources

: Schreiber, P.; Kudaev, S.

Photonik international (2006), pp.111-113
ISSN: 1432-9778
ISSN: 1865-6633
Journal Article
Fraunhofer IOF ()

Modern LEDs form the basis for highly efficient Iight sources for a vast number of applications, such as general illumination, image projection, measurement, microscopy, etc.
In addition to the emitter, the Iight source comprises both a primary and a secondary optics system, responsible for gathering the Iight emission close to the Chip facet and for beam shaping and thus. also for intensity distribution in the image plane, respectively.
Secondary optics with tandem arrays enable the realisation of miniaturized Iight sources for homogeneous illumination of circular or rectangular areas, or even of line foci, all with high brightness.