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Integrated free-space optical interconnect fabricated in planar optics using chirped microlens arrays

: Wippermann, F.; Radtke, D.; Amberg, M.; Sinzinger, S.

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Optics Express 14 (2006), No.22, pp.10765-10778
ISSN: 1094-4087
Journal Article, Electronic Publication
Fraunhofer IOF ()

We present a compact design for an integrated interconnect based on a hybrid imaging setup combining microchannel and conventional imaging. Within this setup the conventional imaging is performed by an aluminum-coated spherical lens. The aberrations introduced by this spherical mirror to the channels of the interconnect can be compensated by channel-wise adapted microlenses located at the in- and output interfaces. These microlenses are used for collimating or refocusing the beams, respectively. Within this paper we present the design of the microlens array with individually shaped lenses referred to as chirped mircolens array (cMLA) based on numerical optimization and the use of fitting functions. Further on we focus on the fabrication of the chirped microlens arrays by laser lithography and first experimental results of coupling efficiencies of singlemode as well as multimode fibers for the realized prototypes.