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High-absorbing gradient multilayer coatings with silver nanoparticles

: Kachan, S.; Stenzel, O.; Ponyavina, A.


Applied Physics. B 84 (2006), No.1-2, pp.281-287
ISSN: 0340-3793
ISSN: 0721-7269
ISSN: 0946-2171
ISSN: 1432-0649
Journal Article
Fraunhofer IOF ()
multilayer; nanostructure; coating

We suggest an efficient way to enhance the light absorption in quarter-wave multilayer nanostructured systems whose monolayers are formed by silver nanoparticles. This approach is based on the explicit usage of a gradient change of the monolayer's parameters (such as nanoparticles size or concentration). We analytically derived general conditions on spectral characteristics of individual monolayers which must be satisfied for realization of highly-absorptive gradient multilayer nanostructured coatings. Two specific types of the gradient coatings, (i) with gradient of size of silver nanoparticles in monolayers and (ii) with gradient of their surface concentration, were studied in detail. The obvious advantages of the size-gradient coatings were revealed, in particular a benefit of their total subwavelength thickness. Multilayer structures with a gradient in amount of silver are fabricated from silver island films and their high and broadband absorption is demonstrated experimentally.