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On the numerical convergence and performance of different spatial discretization techniques for transient elastodynamic wave propagation problems

: Tschöke, Kilian; Gravenkamp, Hauke


Wave motion 82 (2018), pp.62-85
ISSN: 0165-2125
Journal Article
Fraunhofer IKTS ()
Finite Difference Method (FDM); Finite Difference Time Domain method (FDTD); Elastodynamic Finite Integration Technique (EFIT); finite element method (FEM); Spectral Element Method (SEM); Scaled Boundary Finite Element Method (SBFEM)

We present a systematic investigation of several discretization approaches for transient elastodynamic wave propagation problems. This comparison includes a Finite Difference, a Finite Volume, a Finite Element, a Spectral Element and the Scaled Boundary Finite Element Method. Numerical examples are given for simple geometries with normalized parameters, for heterogeneous materials as well as for structures with arbitrarily shaped material interfaces. General conclusions regarding the accuracy of the methods are presented. Based on the essential numerical examples an expansion of the results to a wide range of problems and thus to numerous fields of application is possible.