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Demand-driven implementation of Human-Robot-Interaction in manufacturing with service modelling

Bedarfsorientierte Einführung industrieller Mensch-Roboter-Kooperation durch Dienstleistungsmodellierung
: Delang, Kathleen; Todtermuschke, Marcel; Bdiwi, Mohamad; Putz, Matthias

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Zech, P. ; Austrian Association for Measurement, Automation and Robotics; Univ. Innsbruck:
Austrian Robotics Workshop 2018. Proceedings : May 17-18, 2018, Innsbruck, Austria
Innsbruck: IUP - Innsbruck University Press, 2018
ISBN: 978-3-903187-22-1
Austrian Robotics Workshop <6, 2018, Innsbruck>
Conference Paper, Electronic Publication
Fraunhofer IWU ()
human-robot interaction; industrial robot; manufacturing

By combining advantages of humans and robots in the manufacturing process Human-Robot-Interaction (HRI) can solve many problems of today’s production industry. Nevertheless, it still lacks industrial applications of this promising solution. The reasons are various and can be seen in uncertainties according to safety and a natural lower technical maturity of new systems. Another reason is the absence of a quantitative analysis of the benefits HRI can provide for the users. An assessment of existing work places as well as a selection and evaluation of potential improvements HRI may provide helps to justify investments. Therefore, a decision-making tool for investments in HRI will enlarge the number of use cases. This paper presents an approach to help producing companies comparing possibilities of HRI by evaluating existing process data.