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Panel Level Embedding for Power and Sensor Applications

Presentation held at IMAPS MicroTech 2017, 16.03.2017
: Aschenbrenner, Rolf

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2017, 44 Folien
MicroTech Annual Conference <2017, Didcot>
Presentation, Electronic Publication
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Traditional manufacturing of packages like BGAs, QFNs or QFPs is performed on leadframe formats. The number of packages on a leadframe is rather limited. The introduction of Wafer-Level Packaging (WLP) allowed a significant reduction of cost, especially for small chips due to the simultaneous processing of thousands of Chip Size Packages (CSPs). However CSPs are limited to the die size, which means that chips with a high number of I/Os cannot be redistributed to a relaxed interconnect pitch. This can only be achieved by a fan-out redistribution. The introduction of Fan-Out Wafer Level Packaging (FO-WLP) allowed the efficient manufacturing of fan-out packages on wafer formats up to 300 mm. Nevertheless Smart Phones, Wearables and similar applications ask for further cost reduction, which means more efficient processes on large production formats, i e. the introduction of Panel Level Packaging (PLP). A highly efficient method to realize PLP is the already established embedding technology. It uses Printed Circuit Board (PCB) materials, processes and equipment. PLP embedding is already performed in volume manufacturing on large PCB formats of 18”x24” (456x610 mm²). Today's applications are power packages for MOSFETs, power System-in-Packages (SiPs) and DC/DC converter modules. Manufacturing of larger BGA packages with embedded chips will start soon. Besides its high potential for cost reduction the PLP embedding offers high reliability and unique features like 3D integration of sensors with data processing units or the combination of power switches (IGBTs or MOSFETs) together with drivers and capacitors in one package. This presentation will show examples of PLP embedding from volume manufacturing as well as results of recent research activities. In particular current R&D effort to realize power modules for voltages up to 600 V with integrated electrical isolation will be described. A further example is the realization of a highly integrated intelligent camera module with embedded 32 bit signal processor and memory.