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Mechanical behavior of endodontically restored canine teeth: Effects of ferrule, post material and shape

: Ausiello, P.; Ciaramella, S.; Martorelli, M.; Lanzotti, A.; Zarone, F.; Watts, D.C.; Gloria, A.


Dental materials 33 (2017), No.12, pp.1466-1472
ISSN: 0109-5641
ISSN: 1879-0097
Journal Article
Fraunhofer JL IDEAS ()
Image analysis; CAD; Finite element analysis; Dental materials; Materials properties; Endodontic treatment

Objective: To assess the effect of a ferrule design with specific post material-shape combinations on the mechanical behavior of post-restored canine teeth. Methods: Micro-CT scan images of an intact canine were used to create a 3-D tessellated CAD model, from which the shapes of dentin, pulp and enamel were obtained and geometric models of post-endodontically restored teeth were created. Two types of 15 mm post were evaluated: a quartz fiber post with conicalâtapered shape, and a carbon (C) fiber post with conicalâcylindrical shape. The abutment was created around the coronal portion of the posts and 0.1 mm cement was added between prepared crown and abutment. Cement was also added between the post and root canal and a 0.25 mm periodontal ligament was modeled around the root. Four models were analysed by Finite Element (FE) Analysis: with/without a ferrule for both types of post material and shape. A load of 50 N was applied at 45° to the longitudinal axis of the to oth, acting on the palatal surface of the crown. The maximum normal stress criterion was adopted as a measure of potential damage. Results: Models without a ferrule showed greater stresses (16.3 MPa) than those for models with a ferrule (9.2 MPa). With a ferrule, stress was uniformly distributed along the abutment and the root, with no critical stress concentration. In all models, the highest stresses were in the palatal wall of the root. Models with the C-fiber post had higher stress than models with the quartz fiber posts. The most uniform stress distribution was with the combination of ferrule and quartz fiber post. Significance: The FE analysis confirmed a beneficial ferrule effect with the combination of ferrule and quartz fiber post, with tapered shape, affording no critical stress concentrations within the restored system.