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Process development for 3D UV curing via computer simulation

: Okamitsu, J.K.; Schneider, M.; Scheibe, A.

CAD-FEM GmbH, Grafing:
24th CADFEM Users' Meeting 2006. CD-ROM : International Congress on FEM Technology with 2006 German Ansys Conference. 25. - 27. Oktober 2006, Stuttgart/Fellbach
München, 2006
ISBN: 3-937523-03-0
10 pp.
CAD-FEM Users' Meeting <24, 2006, Fellbach>
International Congress on FEM Technology <2006, Fellbach>
Internationale FEM-Technologietage <2006, Fellbach>
German Ansys Conference <2006, Fellbach>
Conference Paper
Fraunhofer IPA ()
UV curing; UV lamp; optical model; UV-Härtung; Simulation

The UV curing of coatings on large, three dimensional (3D) objects is the next frontier in industrial UV processing. These objects range from automobile and aircraft bodies and parts to consumer items such as furniture, sports equipment, and cell phones. In most cases, process development for 3D curing can be extremely time consuming, especially if the object to be cured is large and is complicated (i.e., it contains many surface features). In some cases, proper process development for large complicated objects can take days, and can result in high development costs in the form of scrap parts and waste coating.
In order to facilitate process development on a 3D object, the Fraunhofer IPA in Stuttgart, Germany in collaboration with Fusion UV Systems, Inc. (Fusion) in Gaithersburg, MD, USA have developed a computer simulation, DLS-UVTM that can be used to simulate and optimize the 3D curing of coatings on large 3D objects. DLS-UVTM includes accurate models of the optical performance of various UV lamps and can simulate systems with up to 100 lamps. Simulation inputs include a meshed representation of the surface to be cured, optical parameters of the curing lamps, and the paths, orientations, and power levels of the lamps as a function of time. Recently, the IPA and Fusion have joined forces with CADFEM GmbH (CADFEM) in a collaborative effort to release a commercial version of DLS-UV as part of CADFEM's VPSTM software suite. We will discuess the basics of DLS-UVTM and will present the results of various test cases.