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Perceptual user interface in virtual shopping environment

: Geng, W.; Strauss, W.; Fleischmann, M.; Elistratov, V.; Kolesnik, M.


International journal of image and graphics 3 (2003), No.2, pp.365-378
ISSN: 0219-4678
Journal Article
Fraunhofer IMK ( IAIS) ()

In this paper we present our effort towards the goal of perceptual user interface for main interaction tasks, such as navigation/travel, selection/picking and personal data access in a virtual shopping environment. A set of 3D navigation devices, vision-based pointing and personal access system are mainly discussed. The motivation and design principles behind these interfaces are also described. A prototype integration solution which brings these devices together in a virtual shopping environment, is given. These interfaces and interaction devices have been implemented and are tested for evaluation.