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Hybrid methods for analyzing burr formation in 2D-orthogonal cutting

: Leopold, J.; Stoll, A.; Neugebauer, Reimund

Grabec, I. ; University of Ljubljana, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering:
9th CIRP International Workshop on Modeling of Machining Operations 2006. Proceedings : May 11 - 12, 2006, Bled, Slovenia
Ljubljana: University of Ljubljana, 2006
ISBN: 961-653606-0
International Workshop on Modeling of Machining Operations <9, 2006, Bled, Slovenia>
Conference Paper
Fraunhofer IWU ()
hybrid method; finite element method; burr formation; downscaling; visioplasticity

Any kind of machining process leads to unintentional burr. To avoid or at least minimize burr, hybrid methods for analyzing burr formation have been investigated. A very important aspect of these investigations is the downscaling of the machining process and its influence on burr formation, In particular to locate nonlinearities. The scaling is realized by decreasing the depth of cut and similarly the cutting edge radius or chamfer of the tool or by using a constant depth of cut and a decreasing cutting edge radius or chamfer.
The subject of this investigations is the effect of the downscaling on the burr Shape, acting forces and thermo-mechanical quantities in the burr shear zone. Therefore, on the one band, simulations of the machining of the workpiece Material LSn-63 have been realized with DEFORM and AdvantEdge. On the other Hand, in order to verify the simulation results, selected experimental investigations Have taken place, such as force measurement with a KISTLER measurement Platform, temperature measurement with a high-speed infrared camera and the application of the method of visioplasticity.