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REPDOSE: A database on repeated dose toxicity studies of commercial chemicals - A multifunctional tool

: Bitsch, A.; Jacobi, S.; Melber, C.; Wahnschaffe, U.; Simetska, N.; Mangelsdorf, I.


Regulatory toxicology and pharmacology 46 (2006), No.3, pp.202-210
ISSN: 0273-2300
Journal Article
Fraunhofer ITEM ()
existing chemical; SAR; toxicological database; NOEL; LOEL; repeated dose toxicity; organ toxicity; mechanisms/mode of action; rats; mice

A database for repeated dose toxicity data has been developed. Studies were selected by data quality. Review documents or risk assessments were used to get a pre-screened selection of available valid data. The structure of the chemicals should be rather simple for well defined chemical categories. The database consists of three core data sets for each chemical: (1) structural features and physico-chemical data, (2) data on study design, (3) study results. To allow consistent queries, a high degree of standardization categories and glossaries were developed for relevant parameters. At present, the database consists of 364 chemicals investigated in 1018 studies which resulted in a total of 6002 specific effects. Standard queries have been developed, which allow analyzing the influence of structural features or PC data on LOELs, target organs and effects. Furthermore, it can be used as an expert system. First queries have shown that the database is a very valuable tool.