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Energieflußsimulation komplexer hydraulischer Antriebe

Vortrag gehalten auf der Dresdner Tagung "Simulation im Maschinenbau". 24. u. 25. Februar 2000
Simulation of energy flow in complex hydraulic drives
: Noack, S.; Riede, H.

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2000, 10 pp.
Dresdner Tagung "Simulation im Maschinenbau" (SIM) <2000, Dresden>
Presentation, Electronic Publication
Fraunhofer IWU ()
hydraulic; hydraulic drive; modelling; simulation; energy flow

The simulation technique is suitable parallel to the dynamic simulation also for the analysis of the energy flow in forming machines. By the collection of the course of the energy potentials founded statements can be deduced to instantaneous values and aaverage values of transferred power, power losses and/or efficiencies. A condition for the energy flow simulation is a machine model, which contains also the power losses precisely . Thus close-to-reality statements cannot only take place to the energy balance, it improve at the same time the precision of the dynamic simulation. At the FhG IWU Chmenitz available experiences with the use of simulation techniques for the development of forming machines permit already in early phases to the product develeopment close-to-reality statements and the derivative of decision bases for customer-fair and optimal sulutions.