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Evaluation of different operating strategies to integrate storage in a linear fresnel ORC power plant

: Zoschke, Theda; Seubert, Bernhard; Fluri, Thomas

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Al Obaidli, A. ; American Institute of Physics -AIP-, New York:
22nd SOLARPACES 2016, International Conference on Concentrating Solar Power and Chemical Energy Systems. Proceedings : 11-14 October 2016, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates
New York, N.Y.: AIP Press, 2017 (AIP Conference Proceedings 1850)
ISBN: 978-0-7354-1522-5
Art. 040008, 8 pp.
International Conference on Concentrating Solar Power and Chemical Energy Systems (SolarPACES) <22, 2016, Abu Dhabi>
European Commission EC
H2020; 657690; ORC-PLUS
Organic Rankine Cycle - Prototype Link to Unit Storage
Conference Paper, Electronic Publication
Fraunhofer ISE ()

An existing linear Fresnel power plant with ORC process located in Ben Guerir, Morocco, is retrofitted with a thermal energy storage system and additional collector loops. Two different plant configurations are investigated in this paper. In the first configuration two separate solar fields are built and only the minor one can charge the storage. In the second configuration, there is only one large solar field which offers more flexibility. Two different control strategies are assessed by comparing simulation results. It shows that the simulations of the systems with two solar fields results in higher energy yields throughout the year, but the power production of the system with one solar field is much more flexible and demand oriented. Also it offers great potential for improvement when it comes to weather forecasting.