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High resolution electron microscopy of ordered polymers and organic molecular crystals

Recent developments and future possibilities
: Martin, D.C.; Chen, J.; Yang, J.; Drummy, L.F.; Kübel, C.


Journal of polymer science. B, polymer physics 43 (2005), No.14, pp.1749-1778
ISSN: 0887-6266
ISSN: 1099-0488
ISSN: 0098-1273
Journal Article
Fraunhofer IFAM ()

High Resolution Electron Microscopy (HREM) has made it possible to directly image the detailed organization of a variety of polymers and organic molecular crystals. For organic materials it is imperative to use low dose techniques that minimize the structural reorganizations that inevitably occur during electron beam irradiation. This article reviews recent developments in low dose HREM from our own laboratory and elsewhere. The developments in closely related microstructural characterization techniques are also reviewed. In the future, the ability to correct the spherical aberration of the objective lens, the use of low voltages to increase contrast, and the use of time resolved techniques are expected to open new avenues for the ultrastructural investigations of organic materials. New sample preparation techniques, such as the ability to make thin samples by focused ion beam (FIBs), to cut samples with an oscillating diamond knife, and to more conveniently prepare cryogenically solidified specimens,are also expected to be of increasing importance.