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Towards duty - BML communication enables a multi-robot system supporting an infantry platoon

: Remmersmann, T.; Trautwein, I.; Schade, U.; Brüggemann, B.; Lassen, C.; Westhoven, M.; Wolski, M.

Simulation Interoperability Standards Organization -SISO-:
1st Simulation Innovation Workshop, SIW 2016. Papers. Online resource : Orlando, USA, 12-16 September 2016
Orlando/Fla., 2016
Paper 2016-SIW-007, 9 pp.
Simulation Innovation Workshop (SIW) <1, 2016, Orlando/Fla.>
Conference Paper
Fraunhofer FKIE ()

BML (Battle Management Language) has been invented and developed for C2SIM purpose so that, for example, a to be trained officer can communicate to her/his subordinated simulated units in a staff exercise using her/his C2 systems as accustomed. In addition, since BML can be interpreted by systems like simulation systems, it can also be used to communicate with robots. Robots can be tasked, they can request permission for certain tasks, and their recorded data can be reported back. All this can be done using BML. A multi-robot system can be integrated into a military unit. However, in order to be a valuable asset the multi-robot system has to support the unit significantly and, doing so should not spend much time and resources. On behalf of the Bundeswehr, we developed and tested this approach for some years and presented it in a major "proof of concept" exercise in which a system of two UGVs and two UAVs provided support to an infantry platoon during movement. The Exercise includes movement, securing area, reconnaissance and usage of CBRNE detection, sniper detection and other sensor-dependent tasks. It also shows multi user usage of a multi-robot system and how responsibility for a robot can be handed over from one user to another. The results from the exercise even lead to suggestions for expanding the SISO BML standard.