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Performance measurement in global distribution networks - influences on the service level under uncertainty in CKD networks

Presentation held at 24th EurOMA Conference 2017, Operations Management for Sustainable Competitiveness, 01.07.-05.07.2017, Edingburgh
: Sardesai, Saskia; Klingebiel, Katja

2017, 10 pp.
European Operations Management Association (EurOMA International Annual Conference) <24, 2017, Edinburgh>
Fraunhofer IML ()
CKD automotive network; uncertainty; Service Level
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Uncertainties in global networks are inevitable and part of the dynamic and complexity of these networks. Those uncertainties need to be considered to ensure a stable service level and to manage the supply chain successfully. The paper defines factors and dependencies influencing the service level within a CKD automotive network which are summarised in an overview indicating effects on the performance of the network. A description of methodologies to measure uncertainties enables an integration into the cost analysis of the performance measure. Additional influences relating to efficiency are pointed out to attend the dynamics in the CKD network.