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Bemessung von Verbindungen mit Schließringbolzen im Maschinenbau: Tl.1: Schließringbolzentechnologie und -tragverhalten

Calculation of connections with lockbolts in mechanical engineering: Pt.1: Lockbolt technology and structural behaviour
: Schwarz, M.; Glienke, R.; Wegener, F.; Bye, C.; Städler, H.-A.

Konstruktion 69 (2015), No.10, pp.84-90
ISSN: 0373-3300
ISSN: 0720-5953
Journal Article
Fraunhofer IPA ()

Lockbolts become increasingly important for modern mechanical engineering. The advantageous notch effect in consequence of a softer groove geometry, the larger stress cross section for the same nominal diameter and a lower scattering of preload results in the potential for increasing the load capacity of lockbolt systems in mechanical joints in comparison to conventional bolted connections. Consequently cost can be reduced with structural adjustments in mechanical engineering. These include the reduction of the required nominal diameter and consequently the reduction of component dimensions. Furthermore savings in manufacturing and assembly as well as cost reduction for maintenance are possible. For the calculation of lockbolt systems in mechanical joints the Technical Bulletin DVS-EFB 3435-2 [3] is available now for design and calculation engineers. The Technical Bulletin allows to calculate connections with lockbolt systems according to VDI 2230 - Part 1 [4]. This paper presents connections with lockbolts in mechanical engineering. At first, the lockbolt technology and the assembly preload of the lockbolts will be introduced. After that the structural behaviour of connections with lockbolts under static and alternating stress will be presented.