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Fatigue life simulation for optimized exhaust manifold geometry

: Mohrmann, R.; Seifert, T.; Willeke, W.; Hartmann, D.


Society of Automotive Engineers -SAE-:
Experiments in automotive engineering - experimental test : Held during the SAE 2006 world congress, April 3 - 6, 2006, Cobo Center, Detroit, MI, USA
Warrendale, Pa.: SAE, 2006 (SAE-SP 2033)
ISBN: 0-7680-1768-8
Society of Automotive Engineers (World Congress) <2006, Detroit/Mich.>
Conference Paper
Fraunhofer IWM ()
thermo-mechanical fatigue; high temperature; deformatic modelling

Modern exhaust systems must withstand servere cyclic mechanical and thermal loads throughout the whole life cycle. Growing demands on designs targeted at reliability and cost optimization require new methods in lifetime prediction. Presently, highly loaded parts like exhaust manifolds are predominantly designed experimentally by means of lengthy and expensive component tests. Further shortening of development time without quality loss is possible only by increasing the application of computer simulation.