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Collective attention on the web

: Bauckhage, C.; Kersting, K.


Boston: Now, 2016, X, 144 pp.
Foundations and trends in web science, 5.2016, Nr.1-2
ISBN: 978-1-68083-204-4
Fraunhofer IAIS ()

Understanding the dynamics of collective human attention has been called a key scientific challenge for the information age. Tackling this challenge, this monograph explores the dynamics of collective attention related to Internet phenomena such as Internet memes, viral videos, or social media platforms and Web-based businesses. To this end, we analyze time series data that directly or indirectly represent how the interest of large populations of Web users in content or services develops over time. Regardless of regional or cultural contexts, we generally observe strong regularities in time series that reflect attention dynamics and we discuss mathematical models that provide plausible explanations as to what drives the apparently dominant dynamics of rapid initial growth and prolonged decline.