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From operators to management: Introducing Smart Robots means training for everyone

Presentation held at Robotics, European Robotics Forum, ERF 2018, Tampere, Finland, March 15, 2018, Workshop "Beyond Smart Robots: Enabling Technologies for True NonExpert Teaching"
Vom Anlagenbediener bis zum Management: Schulungskonzepte zur Einführung von Industrierobotern
: Delang, Kathleen

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Created on: 20.4.2018

2018, 10 Folien
European Robotics Forum (ERF) <2018, Tampere>
Workshop "Beyond Smart Robots - Enabling Technologies for True NonExpert Teaching" <2018, Tampere>
Presentation, Electronic Publication
Fraunhofer IWU ()
human-robot-interaction; training

As customer requirements are getting more and more complex there is a significant demand of trainings for all participants of the topic Smart Robotics. It starts with the requirements analysis where responsible persons from engineers to management have to be sensitized for today’s possibilities of Smart Robots and is an ongoing process to the operators working next to the robots every single day. Fraunhofer has developed several tools to support involved parties as gesture guiding for set-up, VR-based trainings for operators or special teaching programs for planning engineers to develop Human-Robot-Interaction applications. The presentation will give an overview about needed trainings and their requirements to bridge the gap between science and industrial applications.