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Investigation of the 3-hydroxyvalerate content and degree of crystallinity of P3HB-co-3HV cast films using Raman spectroscopy

: Jost, Verena; Schwarz, Matthias; Langowski, Horst-Christian


Polymer 133 (2017), pp.160-170
ISSN: 0032-3861
Journal Article
Fraunhofer IVV ()

The structural properties of extruded cast films of poly-3-hydroxybutyrate (P3HB) and poly-3-hydroxybutyrate-co-3-hydroxyvalerate (P3HB-co-3HV) were analysed by Raman spectroscopy. A sensitive band for the side chain of the 3HV was found at 844 cm−1 (νCC, νC-COO). Using an internal standard at 1101 cm−1 (νsC-O-C, ρCH3), a model for calculation of the 3HV content was developed. This was based on analysis of samples with a 3HV content of 0–12 mol%. Additionally, P3HB-co-3HV samples were tempered in order to create different degrees of crystallinity. The induced changes in the Raman spectra were analysed. The Raman model to determine the degree of crystallinity considers the sensitive band at 2999 cm−1 (νasCH2) and the internal standard at 1059 cm−1 (νC-O, νC-CH3, ρCH2). The investigated crystallinity was in a range of 0.69–0.86.