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Methods of responsibly managing end-of-life foams and plastics containing flame retardants. Pt.II

: Lucas, Donald; Petty, Sara M.; Keen, Olya; Luedeka, Bob; Schlummer, Martin; Weber, Roland; Yazdani, Ramin; Riise, Brian; Rhodes, James; Nightingale, Dave; Diamond, Miriam L.; Vijgen, John; Lindeman, Avery; Blum, Arlene; Koshland, Catherine P.


Environmental engineering science 35 (2018), No.6, pp.588-602
ISSN: 1092-8758
ISSN: 1557-9018
Journal Article
Fraunhofer IVV ()

This is Part II of a review covering the wide range of issues associated with all aspects of the use and responsible disposal of foam and plastic wastes containing toxic or potentially toxic flame retardants. We identify basic and applied research needs in the areas of responsible collection, pretreatment, processing, and management of these wastes. In Part II, we explore alternative technologies for the management of halogenated flame retardant (HFR) containing wastes, including chemical, mechanical, and thermal processes for recycling, treatment, and disposal.