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Friction torque of wind-turbine pitch bearings - comparison of experimental results with available models

: Stammler, Matthias; Schwack, Fabian; Bader, Norbert; Reuter, Andreas; Poll, Gerhard

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Wind energy science : WES 3 (2018), pp.97-105
ISSN: 2366-7443
ISSN: 2366-7451
Journal Article, Electronic Publication
Fraunhofer IWES ()

Pitch bearings of wind turbines are large, grease-lubricated rolling bearings that connect the rotor blades with the rotor hub. They are used to turn the rotor blades to control the power output and/or structural loads of the turbine. Common actuators turning the blades are hydraulic cylinders or electrical motorgearbox combinations. In order to design pitch actuator systems that are able to turn the blades reliably without imposing an excessive power demand, it is necessary to predict the friction torque of pitch bearings for different operating conditions. In this paper, the results of torque measurements under load are presented and compared to results obtained using different calculation models. The results of this comparison indicate the various sources of friction that should be taken into account for a reliable calculation model.