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How to achieve market transformation for efficient fan systems in buildings

: Radgen, P.

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Agence de l'Environnement et de la Maitrise de l'Energie -ADEME-, Paris:
IEECB 2002, 2nd International Conference on Improving Electricity Efficiency in Commercial Building. Proceedings : Nice, France, 27-29 May 2002
Valbonne: ADEME Editions, 2002
International Conference on Improving Electricity Efficiency in Commercial Building (IEECB) <2, 2002, Nice>
Conference Paper, Electronic Publication
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fan; system; barrier; policy; action; labelling; R & D; system interaction; energy consumption; energy efficiency; ventilation; building

Electricity consumption in commercial buildings is often dominated by lighting, ventilation and cooling. Fan electricity consumption is about 5 % in the tertiary sector sums up to 94 TWH. Until 2020 fan electricity consumption will increase to 151 TWh. The energy saving potential is about 8 % for the fan itself and 18 % for the systems, making up a total saving potential of about 23 %. However these savings are difficult to achieve due to existing barriers. Typical barriers to energy efficiency in fan systems will be analyzed and classified in accordance to their importance and field of application. A program of possible action is described that may help to overcome existing barriers and to facilitate the market transformation towards energy efficient fan systems in buildings.