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Preemptive: An integrated approach to intrusion detection and prevention in industrial control systems

: Miciolino, E.E.; Noto, D. di; Griscioli, F.; Pizzonia, M.; Kippe, Jörg; Pfrang, Steffen; Clotet, X.; Leon, G.; Kassim, F.B.; Lund, D.; Costante, E.


International journal of critical infrastructures : IJCIS 13 (2017), No.2-3, pp.206-237
ISSN: 1475-3219
Journal Article
Fraunhofer IOSB ()

Cyber-security of industrial control systems (ICSs) is notoriously hard due to the peculiar constraints of the specific context. At the same time, the use of specifically crafted malware to target ICSs is an established offensive mean for opposing organisations, groups, or countries. We provide an overview of the results attained by the Preemptive project to improve the cyber-security of ICSs. Preemptive devised several integrated tools for detection and prevention of intrusions in this context. It also provides a way to correlate many small events giving rise to more significant ones, and shows the whole cybersecurity state to the user by means of specific human-machine interfaces.