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Tanning device having a rotatably mounted pressure container
: Renner, Manfred; Mölders, Nils; Hintemann, Damian; Weidner, Eckhard

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DE 102016004237 A1: 20160408
Patent, Electronic Publication
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The invention relates to a tanning device (10) comprising a rotatably mounted pressure container (12) for receiving material to be treated, and comprising a drive (28) that is designed to rotate the pressure container (12). In addition, the pressure container has a closable opening for loading and unloading the pressure container with material to be treated, and at least one mixing element that is arranged in the pressure container and projects into an interior of the pressure container, wherein the pressure container has a pressure of at least 5 bar. The tanning device also comprises a feed device for fluid and compressed gas in the form of a rotary feed-though, which is arranged in a first end surface of the pressure container and extends coaxially to a rotational axis of the pressure container, from the outside, through the first end surface into the pressure container.