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Vorrichtung zur Umwandlung von mechanischer in elektrische Energie und entsprechendes Verfahren

Device for converting mechanical energy into electrical energy and corresponding method
: Mateu, Maria Loreto; Zessin, Henrik; Spies, Peter

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DE 102016202632 A1: 20160219
Patent, Electronic Publication
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The invention relates to a device for converting mechanical energy into electrical energy, comprising a bending beam (1), an oscillating mass (2), and a counter magnet (5, 5'). The oscillating mass (2) is located at a free end (11) of the bending beam (1) and has magnetic characteristics. The oscillating mass (2) and the bending beam (1) are parts of an oscillator (3), which has a resonance frequency (f). The counter magnet (5, 5') generates a magnetic field (53, 53'). The magnetic field (53, 53') of the counter magnet (5, 5') can be rotated about an axis of rotation (52, 52') in such a way that the resonance frequency (f) of the oscillator (3) can be adjusted. The invention further relates to a corresponding method.