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Efficient simulation of the crash behaviour of the dual phase steel HCT980X

Effiziente Simulation des Crashverhaltens eines Dualphasenstahls vom Typ HCT980X
: Trondl, A.; Sun, D.-Z.; Andrieux, F.


ATZ worldwide 118 (2016), 2, pp.64-71
ISSN: 2192-9076
Journal Article
Fraunhofer IWM ()
FEM; efficient pseudo-thermomechanical model; adiabatic heating; crash; damage; failure; plasticity; Taylor-Quinney coefficient; high strength steel

Virtual product development is very important for applications of crash scenarios in the automotive industry. The accuracy of simulations depends strongly on the applied material models. Many materials in the mechanical structures are permanently developed further or replaced by new materials which require innovative simulation and modelling techniques. Due to the low ductility of high strength steels a more accurate prediction of failure is needed. This leads to the application of more complicated material and failure models to describe the complex interactions between deformation, strain rate and temperature. The richness of details in simulated mechanical structures results in significantly increased computing times, which require on the other hand less complex material models to limit the simulation time of relevant crash scenarios. Therefore an efficient and accurate material model for crash relevant scenarios is presented, which describes the influences of adiabatic effects related to strain rate and plastic deformations with the aim to predict the damage and final failure behaviour.