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Engineering aspects and hardware verification of a volume producable solid oxide fuel cell stack design for diesel auxiliary power units

: Stelter, M.; Reinert, A.; Mai, B.E.; Kuznecov, M.


Garche, J.:
Ninth Ulm Electrochemical Days, UECT 2004. Selected papers : Ulm, Germany, 17 - 18 May 2004, 9. Ulmer Elektrochemische Tage
Amsterdam: Elsevier, 2006 (Journal of power sources 154.2006,2)
Ulmer Elektrochemische Tage (UECT) <9, 2004, Ulm>
Conference Paper, Journal Article
Fraunhofer IKTS ()
Auxiliary power unit; Diesel reformate; SOFC stack

A solid oxide fuel cell (SOFC) stack module is presented that is designed for operation on diesel reformate in an auxiliary power unit (APU). The stack was designed using a top-down approach, based on a specification of an APU system that is installed on board of vehicles. The stack design is planar, modular and scalable with stamped sheet metal interconnectors. It features thin membrane electrode assemblies (MEAs), such as electrolyte supported cells (ESC) and operates at elevated temperatures around 800 °C. The stack has a low pressure drop in both the anode and the cathode to facilitate a simple system layout. An overview of the technical targets met so far is given. A stack power density of 0.2 kW l-1 has been demonstrated in a fully integrated, thermally self-sustaining APU prototype running with diesel and without an external water supply.